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Prestige Travel Magazine is your number one online travel magazine to help you enjoy your vacation, business trip or whatever the reason you happen to be traveling for. Most travel publications, websites and TV shows only discuss your high end options for traveling or just a list of the normal things that people do in a certain destination. This is not what this travel magazine is about. It will explore out of the norm travel experiences from things to do to great places to eat. You will find recommendations and travel experiences that will take you off the beaten path to find undiscovered gems that you would have normally missed reading normal travel magazines, articles or websites. Once you discover these travel magazine gems, you will likely be glad that you did not miss them and will likely be drawn back to them in the future when you arrive back at a certain destination.

If you like a good challenge then check out Prestige Travel Magazine’s You Tube Channel ETravel Magazine for my travel series of “Where Am I” or Where Am I Eating Today,” where you will be given a picture clue of where Prestige Travel Magazine was and then you can try and guess where Prestige Travel Magazine was that day or at some point in the past during my travels. Once you have figured out where Prestige Travel Magazine traveled to to research for this travel magazine, you can come back here and see if you figured out where Prestige Travel Magazine was. It is challenging and fun. You will also find other great travel tips on Prestige Travel Magazine’s You Tube Channel so make sure you check out these tips as well.

Here is a sample of  Prestige Travel Magazine’s Where Am I Eating Today 

Prestige Travel Magazine’s Must Eat List

You will find that Prestige Travel Magazine is great for foodies. If you do a lot of traveling then you will likely have your own must eat list. These are restaurants that you need to go to when you visit certain destinations and you look forward to eating at this restaurant when you find out that you are heading to that destination. You will also feel very disappointed if you do not get to eat at these restuarants. Most of the time, your must eat list is based on great food but other times it is just based on memories of eating there as kid or because something special happened there even though the food may not be that good. Also your must eat list may not be an actual restaurant but a type of food. For example, when I am in St Louis, one of my must eats is Toasted Ravioli which I first discovered in St Louis. I will try to eat some of these every time I visit St Louis. Here are some of Prestige Travel Magazine’s writers must eat restaurants or food.

Chicken Salad at the Cheese Wheel in St Augustine, Florida – This is a local eatery that is mostly visited by locals but they have the best Chicken Salad Ryder ever. It is so well liked by the locals that you need to arrive before noon to ensure you can get this sandwich. If you arrive after noon, you will likely be disappointed like I have been many times over.

Lobster Rolls – Anytime when traveling to Maine or the Boston area. I normally only eat lobster when I am in this area because this is where lobster is fresh and not frozen. I do not like to do all the work of eating a whole lobster so the Lobster Roll is perfect.

Pot Belly Deli in Clemson, SC – Great Sandwiches and Chili – You just do not want to go there on Sunday the day after a football game because it will be packed.

Penn Station Subs – Where ever I come across one. They have the best bread and great home style french fries

Blue Crabs in the Cheasapeake Bay Area – Like lobster in Maine, I only eat blue crabs in this part of the country where they are fresh and boiled with Old Bay Seasoning. They go great with Old Bay Seasoned Fries.

Grotto’s Pizza – Rehobeth Beach, DE – Pizza – not sure it is the best but brings back childhood memories at the beach.

Giordonos Stuffed Crust Pizza – In Chicago – By Midway airport. It is more like a pie just make sure you have plenty of time to allow it to cook

4 Rivers BBQ – Winter Garden, FL (Near Orlando) – Great BBQ

Yellow Dog Eats – Ocoee, FL  (Near Orlando) – A little funky and definitely fun. They have different sandwiches and great BBQ as well.

Bone Daddy’s – Dallas Texas – BBQ but I do not really go there for the food just the atmosphere.


Post some of your must eats below so others may discover great foods and restaurants.
You will also find many other travel tips in the online travel magazine like what are some of the best travel websites, how to get best travel deals, and other great travel tips that will help you become a seasoned traveler and to help you learn how to have fun and enjoy your vacation or travels.

When you travel, there are many tips and secrets that will help you to enjoy your travels. There are also many tips to help you save money. You will find many of these great travel tips on the Prestige Travel Magazine website as well. Prestige Travel Magazine will continue to search for the best travel tips out there and continue to update these tips with new and great tips on a continuing basis. For example here are some travel tips on finding great cheap travel sites for flights.

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Prestige Magazine

So make sure you come back often to Prestige Travel Magazine for the best travel tips on the web.

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